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jects under the "Belt and Road."Highly-attentive to the performance of corporate social resp▓onsibility, Wanbao has propelled local management a▓nd

nsibility and drives local com

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operations, implemented the community support and development plan and built an ecological ecosystem with a high level of organic integration re▓volving around the copper mine project to share dividends from the project with the lo

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munity developmentEdited by CCTV.c

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cal community and villagers.New Village, New Home, New Life"Welcome to my new home", Tun Tun, the host of a court surrounded with a bamboo fence, greets the j▓ournalist, rubbing his hands with a smile, and inviting the journalist to visit his new▓ home and see his new life.In the middle of the court i

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s a smal▓l Chinese pickup truck, on the left side of the truck are laundry racks with sarong and shirts, and on the right side is an all-new two-storey building with the gray wall paint shining in the sunshine.Tun Tun's wife shows their baby still in the cradle, and the

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Author name - Oct 18, 2020 ject Wan

bao Mining Limited, an affiliate of Ch

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h Industries Corporation (▓NO

Author name - Oct 11, 2020 RINCO),

has funded and developed in the So

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smiles on this three-member family portray the optimistism about their future life and the acknowledgment of

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